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Personal Training

NASM Certified

Dustin Stepp is our personal trainer. Dustin has been a certified personal trainer since 2007. He has trained hundreds of people at various gyms, homes and parks. Dustin has done it all, from one-on-one training to training groups, exercise classes and boot camps.

Dustin was featured in the Suwanee Magazine. In 2013 he also became a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through NASM. Nutrition is something Dustin is very knowledgeable and passionate about. He helps devise meal plans for clients that have proved to help guide people to reaching their goals. At HomeBody we do it all, whether your goal is for weight loss, body building, to gain strength or endurance or just to get fit and firm.

Cardio for Fitness certification: Among many things, this class can be a helpful tool for athletes or in aspects of weight loss etc.

Certified in Cardio for Fitness through NASM

Thoughts from some of our clients:

"Transformational Results based on a custom, informed, and specialized program to fit the nuances of my body and my level of mental focus and commitment. My experience training with Dustin has been much more effective and lasting than other previous trainers, self training, or cross-fit classes. Over time, "WE" have worked together to develop my strength, endurance, nutrition, and commitment... at various times making adjustments to keep progressing in a well rounded and healthy way. I never have to think about the program, really, I just describe my goals and then give feedback on how various parts of my body are feeling. My level of trust is very high and the results have been worthy of the highest praise for Dustin.


"When I started working with Dustin at HomeBody, I had a brand new arthritis diagnosis and 26 brand new pounds. But as I worked with Dustin and he seemed to really care about my goals and overall health I felt a renewed energy to get healthier. Everyone has heard their whole life, eat a balanced diet, but do you really know what it means? Dustin has a way of explaining exactly what it means and how to apply it and now I'm down 23lbs. Another important aspect of training at HomeBody is my arthritis. It requires a brand new way of training outside the conventional training methods. Dustin has been unbelievably creative designing brand new exercises to allow me to gain strength and muscle tone without straining my joints at all. It's just been amazing. For anyone who wants to get healthier inside and out train with HomeBody. They are the total package.

-Donna W"

In person or Remote Personal Training available in Gainesville, Georgia, Dawsonville, Georgia, Suwanee, Georgia, Buford, Georgia and surrounding Atlanta, Georgia areas

Personal Training

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