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Fitness Classes

Boot Camps are at 10 am Saturday's at various locations. Contact us for more details. 770.280.5901

**Only $10 per person**

Boot camp banner for HomeBody Personal Training

We host group personal training Boot Camps that run up to 5 days each week. Each class lasts for one hour. Our routines consist of a total body workout. The classes are held in various locations throughout Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Buford and surrounding Atlanta, Georgia areas.

"This past Saturday, I participated in a sample "Boot Camp" put on by Dustin. First let me tell you that I'm an overweight, almost "fifty something" woman who thought she worked out regularly! It soon become obvious that my dance and yoga classes don't challenge as many of my muscles as I thought. Dustin did a great balance of challenging my comfort levels without going to an extreme that would have negatively effected my motivation. He was encouraging and very willing to customize the exercises to my particular needs. I especially liked the trapeze-like apparatus he used to do both an upper body and lower body workout. Overall, I was very impressed and need to see what I can do to have Dustin with me at all my workouts!"


"I participated in a HomeBody Fitness 'Boot Camp' on Saturday. I had not exercised in several months, so was hesitant about it. It was a fantastic experience. I had previously heard great things about the Trainer, Dustin, and was very impressed with his class. He tailored the exercises to where each of us was with our fitness level'. Those that were in better physical shape were given a more rigorous workout. It was perfect for me. He encouraged me, in a positive way, to push beyond what I thought I could do. I had sore muscles for the next few days, but I also felt invigorated b/c I was doing something positive for myself. From the moment I arrived at the Park, I noticed the professionalism and dedication to clients from both Dustin and his partner, Brooke. Their manner is one of encouragement, and they used the right amount of 'pushing' to help us each get a good workout. I am looking forward to next Saturday's Boot Camp session!" 


Custom In Home Personal Training available in Suwanee, Georgia, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Buford, Georgia and surrounding Atlanta, Georgia areas

Personal Training

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